Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Restless Mind

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Close your eyes, set yourself free;
Fear not, have faith in me.

I'll guide you to the places unknown,
The horizons yet unexplored.

From the forest lush green..
To the scary night,
From bottomless deep,
To the dazzling light.

I'll fill you with the feelings strange,
Some touched and some estranged.

From ocean of love...
To the shadows of fear...
From undying pain...
To the life worth lived.

I'll show you the world, its different shades,
The one you live in, the one you've made.

From revolutions rare...
To the thoughtless greed,
From pools of blood...
To the endless need.

You resisted, you whined..
You battled to find,
Today I reveal, I'm your RESTLESS MIND.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cleanse your soul

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Prevent yourself not
From the downpour,

Put away your umbrella,
Look straight into the sky,

Welcome the drops,
Get yourself drenched
In the shower of blessings
Disguised as the dark clouds
Dangling over your life.

Speeding amidst the raindrops
Take a pause and introspect,

Overpower the challenge
And take a leap onto the next.

Let the drops penetrate
Your conscience and
Rinse away your vices,

Empty yourself and
Unwrap to the boon
Called LIFE

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


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Doesn't the word…
Itself indicate…
The escapism,
The ego?

Isn't it …
The denial…
Of belief…
In the supreme power,
The destiny?

Doesn't it signify…
The resistance to…
The miracles,
The little boons?

Is the existence…
Of this very earth…
A coincidence?

.Is the formation…
Of the oceans and mountains…
A coincidence?

Is the union of…
Adam and Eve…
A coincidence?

Unshackle thy ego,
Believe in the destiny,
Welcome the little boons,
For they aren't the coincidences,
But, the magical moments..
You were destined to be gifted with.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Diary (Late Realizations)

The word ‘new’ invokes a variety of emotions: elation, excitement, nervousness... But, when it comes to me, ‘new’ has always shared an invariable camaraderie with intensive ‘fear’. The first day at school in every new term seemed no less than a battlefield to me. Year after year, the same scenario repeated. The inherent feeling of being placed in the middle of demons that will rip my flesh off never left me.
Of late, I’ve realized that it has proved to be a pain for others. My parents have always been concerned about my eerie behavior at such times.

This fear of new has always resulted in a delayed success, or I wonder if it is the other way round? (Excuse me, if you are thinking, “She is slow”,then I beg to differ.)

I started seeing and identifying things when I was 7 (this of-course was not in my control). I started to ride a bicycle when I turned 15. After my dad n bro gave up (i am a tough nut to crack, trust me), i decided to,rather was adamant to learn it on my own. I remember bruising almost the entire body before I could claim myself to be a bicycle rider. I finished my graduation at 24, got my first job at 25, learned to cook (i think, not sure if others do) at 25, the list goes on. In fact, what i consider the worst is,I realize my mistakes after repeating it at least twice (that itself is quite late).

But, at the end of it, I always get what I have worked and put in efforts for. I am grateful to the Almighty and to the people who support me in every struggle and give me the strength to fight the odds, who inspire me to be me and hold on till I reach the destination.

But, again, because of the longer-than-usual-period to reach the desired goal, by the time I get to something, I m so weary of making continuous efforts that I fail to enjoy the possession I longed for. I feel numb. This 'BUT', that immediately interrupts the Yes-I-am the queen feeling ruins the moment . I do not understand the reason of my inability to not let 'BUT' get in my way. But, i am in the process to avoid...see again. O Lord!!!

Anyway, let us get back to the point. The second drawback of 'fear' is, I think too much. No matter how small a matter is, mundane enough not to deserve the slightest of my attention, I invest all of my precious time in worrying about something which does not hold any importance or even worse, that actually does not happen at all.
One of the instances is, when I had finished my diploma in Electronics and Communication and as the course's duration was 2.5 years, i had 6 months of complete freedom before I get into the graduate degree. In-spite of being a girl, i had all the freedom back home.

I could have possibly had the best time of my life with not knowing the course of action for the day when i got up in the morning, for 6 long months.

I could have roamed around till late nights with friends, I could have listened to every possible genre of music, could have watched movies of different eras, could have read the books ranging from classics to the new age authors, could have learnt a new language, could have developed a liking for cooking (which was the biggest concern of my mother who gave me what-face-would-i-show-to-your-in laws dialogue at-least once a day.), go the gym and be fit, the list will never end considering the wide interests I have and willingness to explore all of them.

But (See, again!!!), I did almost none of the above, worrying whether I will secure admission in graduate degree or not. If not, what will I do, what future would I have, I would have no career,I will be ruined, etc. And at the end of all this melodrama, what happened!!! I got through and came out of college with flying colors. In fact, what could have I possibly done if I did not get admission in the first place. I had no option but to wait, but I understood it only when i had lost that precious time. Even after this, I did not realize (as i have quoted before, “I never realize before committing the same mistake at-least twice or even more.”)

After I was done with my degree (B Tech), instead of celebrating it, I immediately started worrying about getting a job as there were no campus interviews. I tried everything possible to no avail. I finally got an opportunity and after fighting hard for it with long hours of work and study I finally reached my destination.
The fact is, no matter how hard you try, the pain in almost every part of the body you become, for the people around you, things turn out in you favor only when your moment arrives.

After staying away from home, I met a lot of new people of varied kinds (and species), started staying with room mates (with whom, I think, I should be more flexible) and got struck by the fact that I am way more lucky than most of them. Compared to the their troubles and the misfortunes they really can't do anything about, mine are almost nil. Again, I thank the Almighty to make me come to terms with the fact (late, but hardly matters) that life is as you see it.

Such thoughts keep haunting me all the time so I am sure, you guys wont be deprived of the torture. Till then adios amigos.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Wondering if it is deprived of the beauty the sun holds...
The colors, the shades, the light,
 Mistaken it is, for, it knows not...
The beauty lies inside.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hold On To Me

Don’t be sad, don’t be blue,
For I have promised, I’d always be there for you;

In harder times, I’d let you through,
When you dream of someone, I’d pray for your dream to come true;

I’d color your world, if it turns grey,
If at crossroads you know not where to go, I’d show you the right way;

If ever disillusioned, I’d be your vision,
When you lose the zest, for you I’d be the perfect reason;

If life comes to a standstill, don’t lose faith,
For I’d stand by you, till it get backs to the same pace;

If you find yourself tumbling down, hold onto me,
If you feel suffocated, I’d be there to make you free;

Although you’d never know how much I love you,
In every stage of your life, I’d always be there for you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A gentle clutch…
Touched my soul,

An enchanting gaze…
Perforated my heart,

The unspoken word…
Satiated the silence,

The roaring beats…
Reverberated in my ears,

The sweet nothings that followed…
Awakened the romanticism in me,

The exuberant jiffy…
Dragged me out of the rut,

Exhilarated me…
Leaving me enchanted,

The toxic aroma…
Enthralled my lungs,


An eccentric adherence…
Refrained me from comprehending…
This sensation beyond imagination.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Stunned by the shadow,
Trying to separate myself,
Did I comprehend the truth;
Two entities,
Two faces,
Parallel lives led by me.

The shadow adheres,
It, being a part of me;
Baffled by the duality,
Do I crave for a new horizon-
Where I need not others’ assurance,
And live by their norms for their acceptance.

The human face broke me to pieces,
I rebuilt myself and hugged the devil’s face-
Being a replica of the human race.

Invisible rope of guilt-
Suffocates my quintessence,
I veil myself from the entity unknown,
Anticipating a better life-
With the opportune means to grow.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mission Tomatoes (Rs.250 a kg)

                            Picture courtesy http://www.naturalfoodpantry.ca

If necessity is the mother of all inventions then addiction has to have a sure shot baap-of-the-business connection with innovation. In a state like Gujarat, whose natives are blessed with the twenty fourth pair of chromosomes (not quite literally) exclusively created for holding the ingredients for acquiring the business acumen; who eat, drink and breathe bijnesss are expected to invent the state-of-the-art measures to curb the plight of the victims (self proclaimed) of the Gandhian principles.

In the spotlight this time around is the league of bootleggers who can give the business tycoons a run for their money, if they use their geniuses with the right approach and in the right direction.  Few days back, surrendering to the paranoia followed by a strong urge to be geared up for the not-so-comforting-lethargic lifestyle I’ve been gifted with all these years, I set out for the vegetable market in the hope of lending a helping hand to my ever-so-dedicated-to her-family mother. I set out for the vegetable market and the moment I laid my foot in there, I was welcomed by the shrieks loud enough to blow up an entire nation. Amazed by the innate talent of the fairer sex, the knack of bargaining, I was tempted to try my hands on it to my instant miserable failure. What came next almost gave me a heart attack.

I saw a roadside vendor selling Tomatoes at Rs. 250 a kg. Aware of the onion price rise due to some controversial reasons which need to be thrown some light upon (lets keep it for some other time,), I could understand, but this? I was ashamed of my ignorance before I decided to shift my focus from mastering the art of scaring the hell out of the vendors by yelling at them to making my childhood dream-profession a reality, to be a detective. So, challenging myself to beat the man himself, Sherlock Holmes, I wore the invisible hat to give me the real feel and approached the man who had almost killed me few moments ago.

With the stoned expression often seen in the classic detective movies, I set out on ‘Mission Tomatoes (Rs.250/kg)’ and after all the exhausting efforts I had to put in, I could finally dig out the real deal behind the ridiculously high price of tomatoes. Those were the spiked tomatoes, an addition to the illicit liquor trade in the ‘dry’ Gujarat despite of all the false claims of prohibition norms and police crackdowns. Here is how they do it. They soften the tomatoes and extract the juice with a syringe. The liquor concoction is then injected into the tomato before being frozen. Amazing, isn’t it!!!

The proud consumers of these claim to have their dose without their spouses knowing about it and the bonus…as prohibition laws don’t mention the spiked tomatoes anywhere, even if they are caught, it will be difficult for cops to arrest people. The inventor should certainly be awarded for coming up with such a novel idea to fool the authorities!!!

Taking off my invisible detective hat, I put on my thinking hat instead and started contemplating the reasons behind this farce better termed as prohibition. The interesting fact is, Gujarat, inspite of being a dry state is ranked amongst the top five states in alcohol consumption. Truckloads of liquor are smuggled in from the neighboring states and sold at inflated prices. The state loses around 30,000 crore of revenue every year which could be used for lucrative purposes.

Whether the ban should be lifted or the prohibition laws should be followed with more obedience is altogether a different debate. Anyway, with the ‘mission impossible’ theme song strumming in my head, so real that I had to look around for the source in that ear and brain bursting chaos, soon to realize that it was just my head reacting to the self pleasing conquest. I soon remembered the actual purpose of coming to the market; so returning back to my old not-so-exciting life, I had just experienced, I finished my job. Mission accomplished’ was all I could say in response to the questions I was attacked with, and what I received in return was a she-is-a-gone-case-God-save-her expressions from my mom.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Picture taken from http://www.naturalfoodpantry.ca

Streaks of light…
Blinded my eyes,
Encompassing me in a force…
Transpired from an unseen source.

Permeated deep into my core…
Triggering the tidal uproar,
Piercing the resident devil…
Moped out the hidden evil.

Transcending to a horizon anew…
A feeling experienced by few,
Floating above the stature…
I augmented the purity as my treasure.

Perceiving the end as my destiny…
I terminated my buoyancy,
Gaining subtle purity…
I gave up my entity….

Foreseeing a new beginning…
For I know soul is but immortal…

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Oath

Here, we sit in the realm…
Of love and compassion,
Beneath the moonlit sky,
The waves haunting us…
In envy, I find you staring…
At me, interpreting my mind,
Gazing back at you, I…
Acknowledge my love…
For you;

The moment froze,
We took…

An oath…
 To stand by each other…
Till the eternity,

An oath...
To identify the colors…
Of the unseen world,

An oath…
To be the eyes…
Of the other.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Game of Glare

Glare into my eyes,
Envision your twin,
Although, I conceal…
The actual me, you …
Will fail to con me, for,
I can see through you.

Glare not into my eyes,
For, I’d rip apart…
The malice in you,
Invigorating the…
Altruistic love in you,
I’ll amend you to…
Species rare,
With overflowing…
Compassion all through you.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The World sans Hues

Attachments resulting in detachment, what an irony!

On the crowded station in Ahmedabad, the old man looked completely detached from the surroundings. I wonder if he is really at peace with himself or trying hard to camouflage the whirlwind inside.

With all the captivating colors surrounding him, he seems to be failing at capturing their real essence. The reason? Go figure.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The New Age Passionistas

The other day, I was aimlessly surfing through the television with nothing constructive at hand and paused at  "Do what you love, love what you do-Blackberry" and it suddenly dawned upon me how this tagline reflects the new age mantra of the present day youth. Earlier, the mere mentioning of pursuing their passion as their profession was supposed to be a Herculean task. Two reactions were sure to follow. First, the cold look and the expression of indifference reflecting the shut-your-mouth-and-do-as-you-are-told-to attitude, or you find yourself out of the invariably-mother-pampered lifestyle. But today, the youth is comfortable with the idea of moving out of their comfort zones and the 'safe' jobs. The hard-knocks in the process turn them way more resolute than when they started the journey in search of their dreams, with the roaring fire inside, to turn them into reality.

What followed was the living proof to what had just crossed my mind,a song from the movie Rockford. The man who directed the film (Nagesh Kukunoor) and the music director (Shankar Mahadevan) have lived their lives on the same principle. They abandoned their well established careers and chose a path they thought they were meant to. 

Nagesh Kukunoor pursued his masters degree in chemical engineering from United States and invested all the money he made from his engineering career in producing Hyderabad Blues. I am sure he might have suffered all the criticism back home (The western world not quite aware of all the circus back here), people questioning his intentions and ambitions in life, but he followed his calling. Some of his movies might have been successful some not, but what matters to him is the amount of satisfaction he gets out of his work and that is what according to me is success in a true sense.

Another remarkable exemplar is the renowned singer Shankar Mahadevan. He did his bachelors in computer engineering from Mumbai and worked as a software engineer. After working for some time he made a decision to venture into the field of music and we all know how big he has made in the Indian music industry. I wonder where this conviction stems from.

My brain seasoned by all these years (engineering years to be precise) of questioning jumped to whys and hows of the situation. The major problem in Indian households (especially the middle class)is, the children are fundamentally trained to think rational when it comes to choosing a career path and the parents aren’t really to be blamed owing to all the insecurities to keep up with this competitive world and rising inflations. They don’t want their children to suffer through the tough times.

But we can’t deny the fact that when we are passionate about our work we enjoy doing it, leading to a better performance and eventually the success is taken care of. On the other hand, if we hate what we do, or unwillingly connect to the assigned tasks, we are less likely to reach the deserved success. That is because we don’t fit into it which will result in a slight or no growth.

But, the scenario is different today- the shrunken world, the rising opportunities in a variety of fields, the low interest loans which can be repaid at ease over a period of time- All of these factors stand in aid of those who, with their utter verve want to reach out to the world and prove the sheer brilliance they are stuffed with, in their respective fields.

I was transported back to my then aimless surfing of channels to now socially conscious state by another fine example bringing me close to the conclusion that these are some signs holding some relevance to me and leading to a life altering moment. The latest life insurance advertisement is aired on the television with a father-child conversation; child trying to justify her chosen career and father’s argument over having invested a mammoth over all the experimentations. The conversation ends with the father happily making peace with the child’s failed attempts and the success achieved thereafter (and saved the money on dum biryani, pretty lame, but that’s not the point here). The advertisement aims to urge the parents to recognize the plethora of career options beyond the conventional jobs (doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers) and the means to let them explore their true drive.

With the series of offerings from the tagline to the movie, and finally, the advertisement in the perfect sequence, I recollected the quote by Paulo Coelho, 'When you want somethng,the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.' So this was it, THE PLAN.

I decided to give it a thought, and explore the opportunities where I'd not have to persistently try to fit in,which I had been trying to,since last six years; well that is a different story for some other time.

Those who have not been lucky enough have a to-do list which they think they will get down to realizing, someday, but that never happens. They are always absorbed in daily errands and fail to realize that with every passing second, time is slipping out of their hands. They should pause for a second, introspect and rekindle the lost romance in their lives following the adage, "If you can’t find something to live for, you best find something to die for."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HIS Miraculous Ways

An Indian Brahmin family, which by some unknown reason was deprived of the privilege of having a girl child since two long generations, longed for the birth of a female infant. Finally, the eldest daughter in law delivered a girl child. Her parents were in raptures when she was born. The entire family was spell bound by the first gaze at her face.
In that part of the World, where the newly born girl child’s existence was brought to an end, instantly after her birth for some ridiculous reasons (girls are considered a burden in some parts of India), she was the luckiest to be the princess of her family. Every thing was moving smoothly; until her parents found something very strange with her. The girl was not able to figure out the things clearly. She failed to identify the objects placed next to her. They feared her being blind. Their euphoria was very short lived as they were informed by the doctors that she possessed congenital disorders coupled with subluxated lenses in both the eyes. The debility would not allow her to see beyond a couple of feet and possibly not even be able to go to school. Her father had planned the best for her life, but alas!
What people consider to be a co incidence but a miracle by the family, gave her a chance to not only study with the absolutely normal children but to do extremely well in academics. God sent angels in the disguise of the principal of the school, Mrs. Best, who agreed to give her the privilege to study with the most normal children and a girl named Nikki with whose support she could work wonders. (Who on this earth at the age of 3 would lend a hand to a partially disabled (rather, a differently abled) classmate?).
Today, she has completed her engineering with the most normal people, with good grades. She started channeling her creative energies through writing poems at the age of 11 and succeeded in getting to the semi finals of an international poetry writing contest and is dreaming to turn it into her profession.
She never had to bear an appalling physical pain but she was psychologically impaired, she couldn’t stand up even in a small group of people which some how resulted into a strong sense of inferiority complex, due to which she failed to socialize, she hardly had any friends. She was not encroached physically but her psyche sobbed like an infant. She often needed support in her academics which deteriorated the predicament.
Her worst nightmare approached when she started having a notion that no guy would choose her to be his better half and the fear of the loneliness started following her. This acted as fuel to the fire and her complex doubled. She thought that it is effortless for the completely disabled individual to get a mate and even easier for a normal being to get his companion but what about her? Why would one desire a partially disabled girl who can’t even see couple of feet away even with her pair of glasses of power 16 in which she appeared to be an ugly duckling. But again, an unknown entity revealed to her, the reality. The reality that the external beauty hardly matters, what matters is the beauty within and what counts the most is the attitude. And there was a sudden transformation in her persona. She started loving the way she was. Of course, she had that feeling deep in her heart, but she never let anybody know about it and finally, she dumped the feeling and abandoned it gradually. She waited for her Mr. Perfect and she knew there will be some body out there made exclusively for her.
When she got into the college, she discovered what true friends are, who loved and accepted her the way she was, with her weaknesses and supported her completely. They always inspired her to overcome her fear, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of the new and contributed at every step to achieve heights which even the most normal students couldn’t.
Later she discovered that everything is destined. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. So, better not regret for the occurrences of the past. Instead, live in the present. HE is the one who never deserts HIS offspring. We all are HIS part, and he can never see us in pain.
She cursed HIM, disgusted herself and abhorred her existence, but, one fine day, The Almighty prompted into her ears, into her soul and into her conscience, that she was THE BLESSED.
She continuously fought with her sub conscious to achieve the knack to be herself, to be the over privileged and not the under privileged. She started loving herself for she understood that ‘To love others, you should love yourself.’
She hated being alone but learned that loneliness was the negative aspect of being alone, you should be in love with your own company.
She is none but me, HIRAL TRIVEDI. God does exist. Without his grace I would not have been able to reach where I am. Not to forget my family; who has been my pillar all through the way.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Wish I could soar high,
High in the snowy clouds,
And slither on them,
Like a dewdrop on the stem.

Wish I could see the stars,
The stars in the bright daylight,
Standing on the cliff,
To grab them for thee.

Wish I could embrace the waters,
The waters of the deep blue sea,
And with the deep blue sea within,
Wish I could diminish the worldly suffering.

Wish I could savor the moments,
The moments of elfin joys in my life,
And relish the life to the fullest,
Till I get back to my death bed.