Hold On To Me

Don’t be sad, don’t be blue,
For I have promised, I’d always be there for you;

In harder times, I’d let you through,
When you dream of someone, I’d pray for your dream to come true;

I’d color your world, if it turns grey,
If at crossroads you know not where to go, I’d show you the right way;

If ever disillusioned, I’d be your vision,
When you lose the zest, for you I’d be the perfect reason;

If life comes to a standstill, don’t lose faith,
For I’d stand by you, till it get backs to the same pace;

If you find yourself tumbling down, hold onto me,
If you feel suffocated, I’d be there to make you free;

Although you’d never know how much I love you,
In every stage of your life, I’d always be there for you.