The Rising Star - Rajiv Senaboya

“Free souls can never be caged” aptly describes this engineer turned musician Rajiv Senaboya who, even during his engineering days, never ceased to amaze people, whether he performed live in concerts or during the jam sessions. 

With a guitar in hand, magic in his voice and a dream in the eyes to make it big, he chose to walk down the path that would gradually lead him to where he always wanted to be.

Before he found his footing in Bollywood, he succeeded in grabbing some serious eyeballs when he started performing gigs at café rocks, a preferred hangout for youngsters in Ahmedabad. It led him to the idea of forming the band ‘Trinity’ best known for their Indian fusion music.

The band, with Rajiv as the lead guitarist and the first vocalist, started doing private shows at a small scale and turned out to be a great success. There was no looking back for Rajiv as well as the band.

Their soul stirring performances led number of cafes (Blue spot café, 3 Octaves), clubs (Gulmohor Greens, Chokhi Dhani) YMCA and institutes (AMSOM) to approach them. They took a baby step further and ventured out of Ahmedabad for their performances.

With his belief that music holds the strength to make this world a much better place, he mentored all those who either wanted to learn guitar for fun or were looking for a career in music.

It was not long before he tasted his first notes of success.
He stepped into the world of Bollywood with his first film, Second Marriage Dot Com directed by Gaurav Panjiwani. He worked as a guitarist with the composer Manan Munjal .

He exploited this opportunity and his work was appreciated, and he soon started working on zero line, directed by Gagan Puri. Rajiv is currently working on number of promising projects that are lined up for him.

Rajiv has never failed to leave his mark on people with his skills, sincerity and passion, be it his fans or the people he works with. This promising musician is determined to carve his name in the history of music and his focussed efforts are, with each passing day, taking him a step forward to his destination.

Have a look at the video and if you like it, join this immensely talented artist's facebook page Rajiv Senaboya: here

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