Drip Coffee at Dreamer's, Auroville

Back in Ahmedabad, coffee to me meant instant coffee made either hot or cold with milk. I was not a frequent visitor of coffee shops either. Hence, my knowledge on coffee and their kinds was vague and particularly narrow. It was only when I visited Bangalore for the first time did I realize that I had been a naive all these years. 

Bangalore revealed to me the treasure trove that had stayed hidden from me. I am referring to the Indian Filter Coffee, a drink abundantly available and a cultural norm in the southern states of India. Roasted coffee beans mixed with chicory filtered through a metal device results in a strong brew. This mixed with the desired amount of milk and sugar gives you a sweet milky filter kaapi. 

While I was still busy coping with the ecstasy, I happened to be in Auroville (Read: An Auroville Experience. I chanced upon Dreamer's Cafe, a small open cafe near visitors centre in Auroville, that offered Drip Brew through paper filter instead of a coffee machine. 

The coffee dripping from the paper filter
To state a few facts about paper coffee filters, they were invented in Germany by Melitta Benz in 1908. They are used for drip brew all over the world.

Water seeps through the ground coffee, absorbing its oils and essences solely through the gravity passing through the paper filter. The liquid drips into the container with the coffee grounds left behind in the filter.

The hot strong brew
As seen in the above image, a strong filtered brew, the resultant of a long wait to take in the aroma, slurp and savor the hot strong brew along with the desired quantity of sugar was ready. I sat in the open area next to the cafe and relished a sandwich and coffee.

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